About Shimizu Park

With its catchphrase of “Always friends with nature,” Shimizu Park is a free-to-enter park where visitors can experience the great outdoors. A well-known spot, the park has been selected as one of the top 100 locations nationally for the beauty of its cherry blossoms. Additionally, it is widely recognized throughout the Kanto region for its beautiful rhododendrons, and for also hosting approximately 500 other seasonal flowering varieties including plum trees, peonies and wisteria, etc. The park is also a scenic location where beautiful autumn leaves can be experienced in all their grandeur. Shimizu Park also has a range of paid attractions such as a field athletics obstacle course, camping and BBQ facilities, a pony ranch, its Aqua-Venture zone and Flower Fantasia gardens, each of which leverage the geography and forest areas of the park. Throughout the year, it is a place where everybody, both children and adults, can enjoy outdoor leisure activities.


Field Athletics
Field Athletics With loads of thrills and excitement, the Field Athletics area boasts 100 challenging obstacles! Test your physical strength while fully enjoying yourself.
Camping & BBQ
Camping & BBQ The camping area’s BBQ huts can handle up to 1,000 visitors, all under cover. Relax and enjoy a BBQ with friends, even when it’s raining.
Aqua-Venture The Aqua-Venture area features a fountain maze, with numerous water jets to impede your progress. Having successfully navigated it, a massive three-dimensional labyrinth awaits!
Flower Fantasia
Flower Fantasia With approximately 70,000㎡ of space, the Flower Fantasia garden offers visitors a plethora of captivating flowering plants including roses and peonies.
Trout Fishing
Trout Fishing The nature-inspired fishing pond was created using an abundance of rocks. With it being stocked with more than 2,000 trout; it promises good fishing from every vantage point. Even fishing novices can thoroughly enjoy themselves. Additionally, you can have your catch salted-and-grilled then and there for an additional fee, with pre-prepared grilled fish also available for sale.
Pony Ranch Starting with numerous cute ponies, this area of the park is home to many popular animals including thoroughbred horses, goats and rabbits, etc.
Great Access & Huge parking areas!
Great Access & Huge parking areas! Situated close by a major arterial road, National Route 16, the park is conveniently located from the metropolitan area as well. What is more, it has extensive parking facilities on hand.
Enjoy Neighboring Sporting Facilities as Well!
Enjoy Neighboring Sporting Facilities as Well! Shimizu Park is located next door to Noda City Sports Park, which has a pool, tennis courts, baseball diamonds, a gymnasium and an athletics track, etc.